round21 and FCF Partner Up To Release New Collectible NFTs

We have exciting news from the world of web3 sports! As part of our partnership with round21, we have sent all Ballerz holders a free collectible NFT that looks something like this:

Looks pretty sweet right? But as you all know, we don’t do anything boring around here. There is more than meets the eye with these spinning art pieces.

These unique NFTs will grant holders the ability to purchase the PHYSICAL version of the football beginning this Wednesday, October 12th. Each of these four footballs is a work of art created by a well-known artist in the web3 space. Those lucky enough to be holding a Baller from the FCF Ballerz Collective with the “Bling Ball” trait will be eligible to pick up one of their team’s footballs for free.

Not a holder of one of our Ballerz but want in on one of these sweet footballs? No problem. To gain access to this sale, all you have to do is purchase one of the round21 NFTs from a current Ballerz owner, and connect your wallet to the round21 website once you have obtained the NFT.

The sale will take place via round21’s online store, and holders will be required to connect their MetaMask wallet before purchasing. Each ball will be $99.99 and you can only purchase the football for the team represented by your NFT. There is no limit to the number of footballs you can purchase, so why not get one for the whole squad?!

Act quickly because this sale will close on October 18th! Get in now and own a one-of-a-kind piece of your favorite team. LFG!

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