FCF Is Going Worldwide with DAZN

FCF Season v2.0 is going to be accessible worldwide, fans! We’re proud to announce our partnership with DAZN, who will be sharing FCF games and content in all 200+ of its countries and territories.

As our new global broadcast partner for Season v2.0. DAZN will bring American football fans worldwide FCF pre-season events, all regular and post-season games, and original programming throughout the 2022 season – both live and on-demand to all 200+ of its countries and territories around the world (with the exception of the United States, where games will be available on-demand only). That’s a LOT of places you can tune in to FCF!

Our second season returns in Spring 2022, with season dates and a location to be announced soon. With the ability to watch the game on Twitch, NBCLX, Peacock, DAZN and in the FCF app, how are you planning on tuning in to Game Day?

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  1. John Geraci February 5, 2022

    I think I’ll watch the game on TWITCH because I don’t I have the NBCLX APP yet. This league is blowing me away . It is its own thing – going it’s own way . I wish I could bet on the games – that would be even better.

  2. MisterArdor February 7, 2022

    I’m watching on DAZN! I watch boxing there, I’ll watch this there. Good content addition.

  3. Nicholas April 9, 2022

    I’m watching on Peacock.

  4. Craig April 13, 2022

    I live in England and I enjoy the XFL for its quicker plays and FCF just makes me love this version of the game more and more. If they ever did a video game, then I think it would blow up even more.

  5. Jane whiye April 15, 2022

    I will definitely try DAZN!

  6. Joseph bailey April 16, 2022

    I’m watching it on peacock and this really cool letting fans controll the our come of the game

  7. Retrokidbk83 April 23, 2022

    On the app and Twitch. NBCLX on Peacock is hella delayed

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