FCF Unveils the Ballerz Collective

Fresh off the heels of our Season v2.0 announcement, we’re ready to blow our fans’ minds with something new this season: the Ballerz Collective.

What sets the Ballerz Collective apart from any other NFT project you can find on the market? Being a holder of these NFTs puts you in control of one of our two expansion teams (we’ll get to that in a minute). Members of the Ballerz Collective (and members only) will work together to name their team, design the logo, choose the uniforms, draft the players and call the plays in real-time. Thousands of Ballerz will have additional IRL utility and benefits, including VIP seating at games, access to practices and team meetings, enhanced voting power and a ton more.

So who are these two new expansion teams? We tapped into existing names within the crypto and NFT community. Let’s meet them:

Let’s run through a few quick questions we know you have: 

  • Wait, isn’t Jack Settleman on the Wild Aces?
    We’re not saying Jack turned his back on the Wild Aces to team up with his buddies and make sure a new team is crowned the People’s Champions this season – but we’re not, not saying it either. 
  • I thought this was FCF, why are the teams already named?
    We promise, Team 8oKi and Team KoD are just how we are referring to the teams – for now. It’s up to the fans of this team to ultimately make that decision.
  • If I’m an existing fan and buy an NFT, do I have to switch teams?
    Yes. It is time to come to the darkside.
  • When can I get one?
    The short answer – soon! In the next couple weeks, Mint Passes will go on sale. The best way to know when that happens is by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.

Dive into everything Ballerz Collective and join our Discord to be part of the community!

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  1. XMC May 14, 2022

    Its everything here exactly what I was looking for 🙂 Im so happy that I step in right here.

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