FCF is Back for Season v2.0

IT’S HAPPENING. That’s right, FCF is coming back for Season v2.0 – bigger, better, and with a whole new way for fans to tune in on Game Day!

Watch the announcement video on Youtube

FCF will be back in Spring 2022 with a few adjustments. We decided four teams was not nearly enough, and while we shared with the fans we were looking at expanding to six teams, we decided that still wasn’t good enough. So, Season v2.0 will feature EIGHT teams. Yes, the Beasts, Glacier Boyz, Wild Aces and Zappers will be back, along with four expansion teams. 

Now that we’ve got eight teams, we need to elevate the Game Day experience, right? This season, fans will be able to consume every game and our shoulder content on NBCLX and Peacock. And when we say every game, we mean EVERY game of the seven-week regular season, playoffs, and the People’s Championship. 

Aside from giving our fans access to watching games on the big screen, it gives us the opportunity to reach new ones – which means new fans for you to bring to your team and ensure domination in Season v2.0. 

Download the FCF App to stay up to date on everything FCF as we barrel towards Season v2.0. LFG!

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  1. Paul L. October 8, 2021

    the games should be 2 games friday and 2 games saturday they should realy do this

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