FCF Expands List of Partners Ahead of Season v1.0

FCF Season v1.0 kicks off Saturday, February 13th! Head to FCF.io to squad up for the season!

Running a football league isn’t easy. Factor in the global pandemic and being a young start-up, and that makes things even more difficult. Oh, and did we mention we’re hosting it in a tightly-controlled bubble environment and are allowing the fans to call the shots? Luckily, we’ve partnered with an all-star roster of brands to help make every moment from Training Camp to Post Season special for every athlete, staff member, and fan involved!


How are we keeping our athletes properly fueled for practice and games every week? Proper nutrition, duh. We teamed with Performance365 to make sure we had our bases covered (wait, that’s baseball) when it came to making sure these guys were eating not only healthy, but in a way that would help them reach their goals. From our friend Leslie Bonci, Sports Nutrtion Provider: “Performance365 is delighted to be the sports nutrition provider for the FCF league to help our players strategize, optimize and realize their goals.”


“We’re incredibly excited to be an official supplier for the Fan Controlled Football League’s inaugural season. At Renegade Brands, we put our laundry detergent to the test every day on professional, collegiate and high school fields across the country. This partnership with FCF represents another opportunity to do what we do best on the highest level. On top of this, we applaud the FCF for its seriousness and efforts in the midst of a pandemic. We have provided surface disinfectants and sprayers in order to keep players, coaches and all staff safe within the bubble this season. We look forward to continued success of the FCF – a football league for the unconventional, the rebels, the Renegades.” – George Nanchoff, VP of Business Development (Renegade Brands)

Smitty Officials Apparel

Earlier today, we unveiled our partnership with Susan G. Komen, which ties in to the referee uniforms and accessories provided by Smitty Officials Apparel. With those two partnerships working in unison, we are excited to make a positive and bold impact on and off the field.


A big part of what will make this league a success, is the recovery performance of our athletes. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sleefs to provide the guys you’re drafting week in and week out with compression gear for practice and game day. Their compression apparel helps circulate blood flow and prevent the build up of lactic acid – read: your guys aren’t cramping up as much AND as an added bonus, they look good while wearing it.H


We’re building this league for the digital fan, which means leaning into non-traditional platforms for games and shoulder content. This is exactly why we partnered with Streamcoi, so we could make the most of the time our athletes spend streaming in their free time, getting to know the fans in a new environment. “In the last year, livestreaming has grown like never before.  Not only individual projects, but also entire industries such as music, fashion, entertainment or just sports have moved online,” said Jakub Janaszek, Brand Manager at Streamcoi. “Fan Controlled Football is one of the best examples in the world of how traditional sport can be combined with esports and gaming, providing its fans with the greatest emotions online. We are proud to use Streamcoi for this project, thanks to which league organizers will be able to easily manage multiple streams in the same way as the best esports teams in the world do.”

We are lucky we’ve got the support of these partners behind us as we head in to Season v1.0!

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