FCF Teams Up With Susan G. Komen®

Changing the game of football isn’t the only thing we’re looking to do in our inaugural Season v1.0 – we’re doing our part to give back. We’ve partnered with Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer, to help raise funds for their life-saving work.

This isn’t just your typical charitable partnership, where we say we’re affiliated with a cause and slap a logo on some in-arena signage – we’re doing things a little differently. Let’s start with the referees. Thanks to our friends at Smitty Official’s Apparel, we’re outfitting our referees with pink shirts, black caps with pink ribbons, and pink flags for throwing on the field – if and when a penalty occurs (this is going to be a refreshing change to that yellow you’re so used to seeing in football).

We’re not stopping at the referees though, we’re involving all of you at home too! Whenever a Coach’s Challenge is issued during a game, fans will be voting on whether or not to overturn the ref’s call, after first reviewing the Replay for the Cure. Want your vote in those scenarios to have more weight to it, to count a little bit more? You’ll be able to earn additional FAN IQ by learning about the cause in the days leading up to Game Day.

We’ll also by replaying a key “moment” from the week’s games during the postgame show, tying into Susan G. Komen’s “Moments” campaign, which seeks to pull back the curtain and provide an intimate look at the stark reality of the breast cancer experience. Whenever we replay one of these moments, you can count on us to call on the fans for donations in our Twitch chat (come on, you know you want to contribute, too!).

So why this particular cause? Why Susan G. Komen? We figured we already have the most passionate fans in sports – why not help direct some of that passion towards a cause we at the FCF feel very strongly about.

“My mother is a survivor. I shaved my head in support of her as she went through her treatments. This is something that has impacted me personally, as it has so many others as well,” said Sohrob Farudi, our Co-Founder, CEO, and occasional guest in the broadcast booth. “As we are set to launch Season v1.0, we want to do our part to share the importance of getting screenings, and to help save the lives of our loved ones. We need to beat this thing.”

We’re looking forward to working together as a league and with the fans to ensure those facing breast cancer have more moments with those they love most. Join us and donate to Susan G. Komen by clicking here!

From February 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021, Fanchise League Company is encouraging its fans to make a donation to benefit Susan G. Komen®. With help from supporters like you, Fanchise League Company is guaranteeing a minimum donation of $20,000 to Komen® in connection with its Replay for the Cure Program.

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