The Votes Are In: June Vote Review

By Zach Garrett (@zthaguru on Twitter)

At Fan Controlled Football, all the power is in the hands of the fans. We know this by now. BUT, what some fans might have overlooked are the the different aspects of power each fan can wield. Of course, calling plays and drafting players are crucial to your team’s success, but voting has sneaky important power that fans should take advantage of. Throughout the season, and now entering the off season, votes are thrown up on the FCF app and website for fans to vote on player bonuses, team decisions, or just for fun to spark a debate. What fans might not realize is the importance of voting, no matter the vote. Each fan earns FanIQ for each submitted vote they complete no matter how many times they vote. See a vote up for a day? Get on it! You see a vote is up for three weeks? Each time you vote you earn FanIQ! There’s literally no down side to voting, and as you accumulate FanIQ, the more power you have as a fan to make some of the more important decisions on gamedays.

So as FCF moves out of Season v2.0 and into the thick of the off season, we thought it would be a good time to recap some of our best and most popular votes of June. We realize that the fans might not always see some of the results they want to see with our votes, so featured below are some of those outcomes!

Best Comeback of Season v2.0

FCF is notorious for close games and incredible comebacks, and Season v2.0 had plenty to offer. This vote highlighted some of our most intense and closest games of the season and gave the fans an opportunity to vote on the best one. BAFC’s win over KOD in Week 1 took the top spot with well over half of the vote. In a shocker, the only game-ending win finished 2nd with 8OKI’s Week 1 win over the Kingpins. Closing out the bottom two were the Shoulda Been Stars and 8OKI (again) getting late wins over their respective division opponents. IMO, Kidd’s pass to Boykin to win the game should have gotten the win in this one, but they don’t pay me to determine the results. As determined by the fans, the Apes officially had the Best Comeback of Season v2.0.

Jakobie Baker and the rest of BAFC celebrate their comeback win in Week 1 (Getty Images)

66% Francois and Baker connect to steal a win over KOD

20% Mitch Kidd tosses a TD pass as time expires to take down the Kingpins

7% Slade Jarman and the Stars get a W late in the game

6% 8oki take the Beasts to OT and grab the win

VIP’s in the ATL

The stars were out at Pullman Yards this season, and we wanted to know who the fans thought was the biggest celebrity to pop in on a game during Season v2.0 (excluding our Owners). The fans voted, and Michael Irvin, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver and TV personality took the top spot with 29% of the vote. Maybe to some peoples’ surprise, Champ Bailey came in a close 2nd with 26% of the vote. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Bailey had an outstanding career in the NFL and seems to be as great of a person as he was a player, but finishing in 2nd seems a little high. Antonio Brown and Tyreek Hill rounded out the top 4 with a combined 25% of the vote. Below, is a comprehensive result of the vote (nothing but love to Matt James). There were more celebs than we could count that attended a game this season, so we tried to highlight some of the biggest stars in attendance.

Michael Irvin enjoying himself at the People’s Championship (Getty Images)

Michael Irvin: 29%

Champ Bailey: 26%

Antonio Brown: 15%

Tyreek Hill: 10%

Chad Ochocinco: 6%

Ed Reed: 4%

Dwight Howard: 4%

Cam Newton: 2%

Julio Jones: 2%

Najee Harris: 2%

Jameis Winston: 1%

Rashad Jennings: 1%

Matt James: 0%

Favorite Founder

If you’re new here, you may not know that FCF, and the concept of giving the power to the fans, all started as an idea in a bar over 10 years ago. Since that time, our four co-founders have put their blood, sweat and tears into making FCF the smashing success its been and continue to put in work every day. We know each of them are great, but we were curious to see what the fans thought about them. So, we put up a vote to decide who the fan’s favorite founder was. Growth guru Grant Cohen won the vote with 35% followed by the Commish Ray Austin with 28%. CEO Sohrob Farudi got a respectable 22% of the vote, and last but CERTAINLY not least, Chief Gamer, Patrick Dees accumulated 15% of the vote.

Ed Reed (left) and Grant Cohen (right) represent Miami and throw up the ‘U’ (Getty Images)

Grant Cohen: 35%

Ray Austin: 28%

Sohrob Farudi: 22%

Patrick Dees: 15%

Finals Winner

The NBA finals were set and with Fan Controlled Hoops coming soon, we wanted to test our fans basketball knowledge. In what turned out to be a great series, we asked the fans a simple yet complex answer: who wins, and in how many games. There were so many factors to consider, but ultimately (and kind of impressively), the majority of fans got it right! And before you ask, the vote ended before the Finals even started, so there wasn’t any way to try and cheat the system here. Warriors in 6 (the real result) finished with 36% of the vote followed by the Celtics in 6 with 17%. Most of the fans had a feeling the Warriors would win in some sort of fashion with 64% of the votes going to them. More basketball is coming, so look out for news to come! Complete results are below.

Stephen Curry raises the NBA Finals MVP Award after defeating the Celtics in Game 6 of the series (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Warriors in 6: 36%

Celtics in 6: 17%

Warriors in 5: 15%

Celtics in 7: 12%

Warriors in 7: 7%

Warriors in 4: 6%

Celtics in 5: 4%

Celtics in 4: 2%

Best Dad Jokes

Father’s Day was June 19th and what better way to celebrate than giving the fans an open mic on their best dad jokes?! Boy did the fans deliver. Below are some of the best submissions sent in.

Ray Austin (left) walk on the field with Champ Bailey (middle) and his son on gameday (Getty Images)

“What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? A bagel”

“When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent (a parent for those in the back)”

“After an unsuccessful harvest, why did the farmer decide to try a career in music? Because he had a lot of sick beets”

“What do you call a fish with a bowtie? So-fish-ticated”

“I was once addicted to the hokey pokey…but then I turned myself around.”

“When my son joined the high school golf team, I made him carry an extra sock just in case he gets a hole in one”


Linqto OPOY

With offense being the highlight of many games this season, it was tough to narrow this vote down to just five candidates. Each player had elite caliber seasons in the FCF, and stepped up to be offensive leaders on and off the field for their teams. This vote lasted a full week in order to give fans multiple chances to submit who they thought was the most deserving, and as we saw, 8OKI QB Mitch Kidd received the most votes with 41% of the vote. He sometimes single-handedly kept his team in the game and willed his team to multiple wins on the season. A well-deserved award that I think the fans definitely got right. Not far behind was Knights of Degen QB Ed Crouch with 23% of the vote. Rounding out the last three were Beasts WR Jordus “Cheatcode” Smith with 14% of the vote, Glacier Boyz RB Brycen Alleyne with 13% of the vote and Kingpins QB Tirri Jones with 9%. Each player deserved to be in the running, but ultimately, it was Mitch the Magician who took it home. Take a look at each of the player’s stats to go along with the final results.

8OKI QB Mitch Kidd takes a breather during FCF’s playoff round (Getty Images)

41% QB Mitch Kidd: 54-104, 800 yds, 18 TD, 5 Int, 25 car, 71 yds, 2 TD

23% QB Ed Crouch: 39-69, 673 yds, 13 TD, 5 Int, 42 car, 242 yds, 10 TD

14% WR Jordus Smith: 18 rec, 455 yds, 9 TDs, 16 car, 71 yds, 4 TD

13% RB Brycen Alleyne: 72 car, 349 yds, 8 TD, 2 rec, 25 yds, 1 TD

9% QB Tirri Jones: 36-82, 629 yds, 14 TD, 2 Int, 52 car, 288 yds, 7 TD

Linqto DPOY

Offense has the flashy plays and usually gets all the shine, but our defenses showed UP in Season v2.0. Despite playing in 2 games per week, each squad balled out and gave competitive games each time they stepped on the field. LB Cecil Cherry especially shined this year as he took him the Linqto Defensive Player of the Year, but this award I believe was a little closer than some might think. Yes, Cherry very much won the fans over receiving 48% of the vote, but the guy who finished behind him was the best at his position all year long: DB Qwan’tez Stiggers. He received 28% of the vote and was a shutdown corner all year long. I respect the fans vote and do believe they got it right; it was fun to see these guys compete all season long. Take a look at the final results and each player’s stats!

Linqto DPOY Cecil Cherry enters the People’s Championship holding BAFC’s turnover chain (Getty Images)

48% LB Cecil Cherry: 43 tackles, 5 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 Int, 1 FF

28% DB Qwan’tez Stiggers: 30 tackles, 4 TFL, 5 Int, 1 TD

11% LB Dashawn Benton: 29 tackles, 4 Int, 2 FR, 3 TD

7% DB Styvis Latham: 22 tackles, 5 Int, 3 FR, 2 TD

6% LB Jim Jones: 34 tackles, 7 TFL, 4 sacks, 2 Int

FCF Lineman of the Year

The big boys deserve some love! On both sides of the ball, these guys were absolute units on the field this year. The men on offense stepped up big to protect their QB’s and make lanes for the RB’s while the d-lineman did their fair share of disrupting the flow of the game. The fans stepped up and casted their votes for the season’s best lineman, and DL Dak Champion came out on top with 27% of the vote. This one was much closer as there were so many different things to consider on both sides of the ball. OL Abram Holland just missed out on the top spot with 23% of the vote and fan favorite DL ‘Slick’ Nick Williams came in third with 21% of the vote. The fans definitely got this one right as Champion balled out all year long, causing consistent chaos for opposing offenses all season long. Check out the rest of the results to see just how close it was!

DL Dak Champion swats at Glacier Boyz’ QB to force a fumble (Getty Images)

27% DL Dak Champion

23% OL Abram Holland

21% DL Nick Williams

17% DL Justin Foster

7% OL D’Marcus Hayes

5% OL Kamalie Matthews

July is just getting started and so are the votes! Be sure to check in on the FCF app to see what kinds of things you can vote on and start accumulating that FanIQ. As always, Power to the Fans!

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