Terrell Owens traded to Knights of Degen as part of a 3 team trade

The first trade in FCF history has been agreed to and it’s quite juicy! The owners of the Beasts, Knights and Zappers have aligned on a three way trade that would include a mix of player and pick swaps including:

Trade – QB Dentarrius Yon + WR Isiah King
Receive – WR Terrell Owens + WR Jacoby Herring

Trade – WR Terrell Owens + Picks 1 & 16 this week
Receive – QB Jason Stewart, WR Isaiah King + Picks 5 & 12 this week

Trade – QB Jason Stewart + WR Jacoby Herring + Picks 5 & 12 this week
Receive – QB Dentarrius Yon + Picks 1 & 16 this week

Specifically this is how each ownership group looks at it:

Knights – have a solid squad but need WR depth and this helps bring two starting level WRs to add firepower for Ed Crouch as we take on the top team in the league

Zappers – with the injury to Kelly Bryant and Johnny Manziel’s spotty attendance, we need a QB to have any chance to climb back into contention the last few weeks. Stew is the best available QB out there and King is a solid WR to play alongside Terrance Williams.

Beasts – fans have rallied for Yon and we can formally lock him in, while also jumping above the GBz in the draft before our critical head to head matchup with a potential playoff spot on the line this week.

But this is Fan Controlled Football – so while the owners have agreed to this trade the fans have the power to veto it.

Each team will have a vote to accept the trade and if a 70% supermajority of the fans reject it, then the trade will not go through.

As a league, we are in support of this trade as we believe it will help maintain competitive balance and that each team – and the players involve – all benefit from these moves… plus how awesome is it that our first trade ever is a 3 team deal with TO, a pair of QBs and a pick swap!?!

For any future potential trades this regular season we will follow a similar veto vote format – but when it comes time for the playoffs any potential moves will be limited to votes by only those who are in the top 10 on each team’s leaderboard for this season… this may be Fan Controlled Football, but just like the players and teams on the field, not all fans are created equal – so get your play call on and make sure you lock in one of those top spots for your squad!

— The Commish

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  1. D King May 10, 2022

    Wow, I just brought VIP tickets for evening session only to find out my Son was traded to the Zappers. Little do they know 😏. I hope he turns the Zappers around and watch them squirm to put their draw back. That was his first game back and was only targeted one time last game after being one of the top receivers last year. No worries, he’ll show up & show out

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