FCF Launches Replay Process Vote

Let’s make it official – sign up and join your FCF team to vote on how replay review should work!

As a die hard Cowboys fan, I was pretty happy with the end of our last game against the Eagles. But it all felt a bit dirty. Like when you share a fire meme and people think you’re a comedic genius, but really it’s something you saw someone else post first.

If you didn’t see it, the refs called a fumble on Eagles rookie QB Jalen Hurts when he was clearly down before the ball came out. It went to replay where everyone with working eyeballs assumed it would be overturned – but, miraculously for my Cowboys, the play was upheld. 

Fans across the Internets were clearly not stoked.

Here at the FCF we are all about giving fans control (it’s literally in our name) – so we figure that should extend to replay review too.

With all of that in mind, today we are letting you decide which of our fans should ultimately be allowed to help decide replay reviews. 

Should we open it up to everyone? If it’s open to everyone, should the fans that have gone through FCF Rule Book Training and earned their Replay Official Badge get a 1000x vote multiplier, so that only educated fans get more say? Or should we limit it to only fans of the teams not playing to try to eliminate bias? What about adding the Replay Official Badge requirement here too?

This one is up to you guys.

And in the coming weeks we’ll have additional picks for you to make as we sort out the details of how we will decide what plays can be reviewed so stay tuned for more. And, as always, if you’ve got any ideas on things we should be implementing here to empower the fans hit us up Twitter @fcflio.

Power To The Fans!

Sohrob Farudi
Co-Founder & CEO
Fan Controlled Football

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  1. Richard Rozick January 20, 2021

    Open it up to everyone. I think people would be respected for their decision

  2. Chillbo Swaggins February 9, 2021

    I like the idea of opening it up to everyone, and giving a multiplier to those that read the rules. Maybe give a test, too.

  3. Minknado February 11, 2021

    Open to everyone equally but 75% of owners/fans watching the game have to call for it. There would have to be some type of vote button in the app.

    If don’t have that capability then have 5 owners/fans of each team randomly selected before each game. They would have to raise their hand some way (maybe in the dashboard) to say they are interested and commit to watching the game. Have a couple backups that can be substituted if someone doesn’t show.

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