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I acknowledge and agree to all of the terms set forth in these Recruiting Terms and Conditions In consideration for my participation and evaluation in the 2021 Fan Controlled Football (“FCF”) Player Recruiting Process (“Recruiting”). Accordingly, I hereby:

1. acknowledge and agree that FCF and their principals, members, partners, shareholders, officers, directors, affiliates, employees, agents, successors, assigns, attorneys, and insurers have not individually or collectively made any representations regarding any potential future employment of me by FCF, other than that any such future employment shall be at the sole discretion of FCF, and that any representations regarding any future employment shall not be binding unless issued in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of FCF;

2. acknowledge that there are risks associated with the strenuous athletic and physical activity that I may be involved in during Recruiting;

3. acknowledge by this writing that FCF recommends that I obtain medical clearance from a physician prior to my participation in Recruiting. I understand the risks in my failure to obtain medical clearance. I represent that I either have received such medical clearance or, contrary to the recommendation of the FCF, have decided not to obtain such medical clearance;

4. consent to undergo examination by any physician, hospital, laboratory, clinic, trainer, therapist, and/or other health care professionals or organizations designated by FCF (any of the foregoing a “Health Care Provider”) during Recruiting;

5. release and waive any and all claims, liabilities and actions of any kind, including but not limited to, death, personal injury or loss or damage to property, howsoever caused or arising and whether by negligence, any intentional act or omission, or otherwise, that I, or any of my representatives, heirs, next of kin or assignees (“Representatives”) may have, or that may accrue to me or my Representatives, against FCF and its related companies, affiliates, parents and subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, its respective owners, directors, governors, officers, stockholders, trustees, partners, physicians, employees, consultants, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns, in each case, arising out of or in connection with my attendance at, and participation in, Recruiting, including, without limitation, my participation in any practice, game, drill, physical examination or other activity, and any use and/or disclosure of my health or other personal information;

6. acknowledge the risks inherent in participating in Recruiting. I assume all risk of injury or other harm (including, without limitation, permanent disability and death) arising out of my participation in Recruiting, however so caused or arising and whether by negligence, any intentional act or omission, or otherwise, and accept personal responsibility for any damages that might result from such injury, permanent disability or death and for any damage or injury that I may cause to others;

7. give and grant perpetually to FCF and each of its affiliates, designees, and licensees, the exclusive non-revocable right in and to my routines, performances, concepts, and other materials created in connection with Recruiting and the proceeds of such performances and materials, including, without limitation, the perpetual and unlimited right to reproduce by any means (whether now known or developed in the future) my voice, image, likeness, name, nickname, signature, biographical data, and any other identifying attributes (“Attributes”) and any and all of my performances, appearances, related materials, and all such effects made, produced or created in connection with Recruiting (together with Attributes, the “Materials”), and the complete and unencumbered right throughout the world, to exhibit, record, reproduce, broadcast, transmit, publish, sell, distribute, perform, use and re-use for any purpose, in any manner, by any means and in any medium, whether now known or developed in the future, all or any part or parts of the Materials, without any further consideration to me or my Representatives and without further authorization or notification; and

8. agree to conduct myself during Recruiting to the highest standards of honesty, morality, fair play and sportsmanship, and to refrain from conduct detrimental to the best interest of FCF generally.

By digitally signing below, I (a) acknowledge that I have read and understand the provisions set forth in these Recruiting Terms and Conditions and voluntarily consent to and accept the terms set forth in these Recruiting Terms and Conditions, (b) expressly agree that if any portion of this Recruiting Terms and Conditions is held invalid or unenforceable, the balance shall continue in full legal force and effect, and (c) acknowledge that FCF shall not be obligated to me for any medical expenses or any other costs or damages.