Kenny Mayne Is Taking His Talents To The Turf

Fan Controlled Football has seen a litany of former NFL stars grace its field, from Johnny Manziel to Terrell Owens to Josh Gordon, but for the first time we may see the unorthodox move for a former broadcast star to suit up.

Despite the second season ending in only two days from now, SportsCenter legend and all-around good dude Kenny Mayne is rumored to be planning a comeback some 40 years since his last days throwing the pigskin in a real game to join the FCF.

Given the pedigree of Bored Apes FC QB Deondre Francois and Zappers QB Kelly Bryant as the locked in starters for their teams, it is unclear yet on what team would select Mayne and if he has any shot in hell of passing a physical, let alone competing on the playing field. 

However, insiders tell us that Mayne’s dedication to his craft and mental toughness may be just enough to get him a spot in the league. A press conference is forthcoming where we expect Mayne to provide details of his private workout where fans will get to see for themselves what league personnel are quietly referring to as a “rocket cannon arm”.

The Bored Apes FC take on the Zappers at 8pm ET on Saturday June 11th in The People’s Championship Game, which can be streamed live on Twitch.

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