FCF Week 5 Draft Day Fix

There are over 40,000 possible orderings in the FCF Draft, but as you could imagine, it’s impossible to test every single permutation of how the draft shakes out. We test the Draft and other features in FCF constantly, but ultimately, things sometimes don’t go according to plan, no matter how solid a plan is. Because we only have 4 defensive squads, we make sure that during  the FCF Draft, a team cannot pick a squad that their opponent has already picked. Imagine the defense running off the field and changing jerseys, pants and helmets on every change of possession; it might be amusing to watch, but it would be exhausting for the players and would completely disrupt the flow of play. 

What we did not think to check for was a case where the current pick forced future autopicks to assign the same defensive squad to both teams in a matchup. An “autopick” occurs when a team has no other options for a pick in a given position, so the FCF Draft logic will automatically assign the player or squad to that position in the latest round available to preclude a team from wasting an earlier round pick when they have only one choice for that pick.This is what ended up happening last night.

In this week’s draft, the first SIX picks were defensive units consisting of 3 out of the 4 defenses available in the league. D-Block, Shutdown Squad, and Heavy Hitters were taken with only the Hitmen left for the remaining two squads, the Knights of Degen and Bored Ape FC. However, because BAFC faces off against KOD in a battle for first place in the Ballerz division this weekend, a defense playing each other in the same game, as mentioned above, is simply impossible. 

Here’s what the Draft logic should have done for the Shoulda Been Stars first round pick last night:

  1. The logic shoulda looked ahead to see that the Knights of Degen and Bored Ape FC, who are playing each other on Saturday, would be forced to have the same defensive squad (The Hitmen) if the Shoulda Been Stars picked Shut Down Squad. This would have resulted in an autopick of The Hitmen for the Shoulda Been Stars.
  2. The Knights of Degen would then have the option of picking one of either The Hitmen or Shut Down Squad. Then, then Bored Ape FC would have been assigned the remaining defensive squad.

Once we saw what happened here, we worked out this logic and have implemented it into the Draft for next week. 

To correct this issue, we will:

  1. assign The Hitmen to the SB Stars, which should have occurred via an autopick last night.  
  2. put up a vote for the Knights of Degen. Because they had a higher pick in the draft (7) than the Apes (8), KOD will get to choose to either 
    1. Keep the Hitmen and assign the Shut Down Squad to BAFC; or 
    2. Pick Shut Down Squad and have BAFC be assigned the Hitmen for their game in Week 5

We apologize for any frustration and/or confusion this may have caused. We are working to make sure this does not happen again!

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