FCF Keeper Policy Heading into Week 2 Draft

Update 4/18 8pm EST:

Keeper Results are in:


  1. Mitch Kidd 4 QB
  2. Joseph Boykin 9 WR


  1. Deondre Francois 3 QB
  2. Jakobie Baker 24 SB


  1. Daryl Virgies 39 SB
  2. Elijah Rogers 16 WR


  1. Ed Crouch 5 QB
  2. Terrell West 12 SB


  • BEASTS – Jordus Smith 11 WR
  • Glacier Boyz – Brycen Alleyne- SB, #6
  • SB Stars – Slade Jarman- QB #15
  • Zappers – TO 81 WR

Original Post:

After taking feedback from owners and fans, we’ve finalized the keeper policy and draft order heading into this weeks draft. Here’s what you need to know:

  • OG Teams (Beasts, Stars, Zappers, Glacier Boyz) will keep one (1) player from their game day roster, adding to the the Franchise Tag player they each already have.
  • Ballerz Teams (Apes, 8OKI, Knights, Kingpins) will keep two (2) players from their game day roster
  • Teams WILL NOT be able to keep OL or Defensive units
  • The draft this week will be seven (7) rounds
  • Draft order will be based on reverse of the standings, with point differential being the tie breaker.
  • “Franchise Tags” will be reserved for players teams are looking to lock in as part of their franchise for many seasons, so for the weekly pickups we are going with “Keepers” as they are commonly called in Fantasy Football

The main point of our multi-week draft format is to allow you all to see the talent on the field, grab who you want in the draft, and keep them so no one else can get them. The slow roster building creates some amazing parity in the league and helps foster the amazing finishes we witnessed in Week 1 and in every week in Season 1.0.Hope you all enjoyed an epic first week of games…they are only going to get better cuz we’re just getting started.


– The Commish

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