FCF GameDay FAQ’s

With GameDay just around the corner, we want to make sure the fans have all the info they need to maximize their experience as you call plays and root for your favorite FCF squad!

What is this? Am I going to be lost if I’ve never heard of FCF? 

  • Fan Controlled Football is football reimagined. Fans call the shots and get to control the action featuring elite players. 

Wait, it’s real football with real players? Not eSports or digital avatars? 

  • Absolutely. This is real football with unique rules to keep the game fast paced and high scoring. All of the players are athletes with a ton of football experience. Some of the names you’ve heard before, like Johnny Manziel and Terrell Owens. Others are highly talented players that have played in college or other professional leagues. 

So then how is it “fan controlled?”

  • Because the fans get a say in almost everything in this league. The two most exciting aspects are that fans are able to participate in the draft to choose teams and call plays during games. By downloading the FCF app, fans get to be a part of the action. If you call the right plays or draft top players, you’ll earn FanIQ points to level up and gain a higher level of control! 

What’s the deal with the NFTs? So I have to buy my tickets with crypto? 

  • Not at all. As a cutting-edge league, we want to be involved with the newest technologies and trends. Right now, that’s NFTs. People who own NFTs can help control our four new Ballerz teams. There are still the four OG teams that anyone can help control. And everyone gets to vote on league-wide rules and procedures. There’s no need to buy an NFT to take part! We take regular dollars and accept all major credit cards for passes. For concessions and merchandise, our venue is cashless. 

I see that the events are sold as sessions. What does that mean? 

  • A session is two games. We offer afternoon and evening sessions during the regular season. You might have so much fun that you want to stay for both sessions. If you do, know that we’ll clear the venue between sessions to reset. 

Wait. Two football games?! That’s going to take nine hours, right? 

  • Not our games. Again, FCF is all about keeping football fast and fun. A game takes about an hour and sessions are designed to be 3-4 hours.  

Great, so I bought my tickets for a session and paid with normal money. How do I get my tickets? 

  • Your tickets are digital and they’ll be emailed to you. You can scan them with us on your phone or you can print them out. If you have any issues accessing your tickets on game day, we’ll have staff that can assist you. 

I’ve got my digital tickets. Now where do I go?

  • Pullman Yards in Atlanta, Georgia. The address is 225 E. Rogers St NE, Atlanta, GA 30317. 

And there’s parking there? 

  • There is! Parking is $25 dollars. We encourage rideshare options or using MARTA, Atlanta’s public transportation system.

How about food? 

  • We have that too! There are concessions available, including alcohol for those 21 and over. Some premium tickets include food and all of that is explained on the ticketing website. If you plan on buying concessions, remember that we’re a cashless venue. 

I’m here!! Now where’s that app to control the action? 

Is this on TV? Can I tell my family and friends and look for me? 

  • There’s a good chance they’ll see you. We’re broadcasting our games live on NBCLX, Peacock, DAZN, fuboTV. 

Is there anything else I need to know? 

  • The building is covered but the temperature can be similar to what you would experience outside. We recommend wearing layers. Because FCF is a modern sports league, flashing and strobing lights are used in the presentation. If you have light sensitives, please be aware of this.

Have more questions? Visit us at our website to learn more.

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