FCF Final Draft of Season v2.0

Playoffs?! Yeah, we’re talking about playoffs. The regular season is now in the rear view mirror and we’re down to the final 4 teams. This week will decide who will get their shot in the People’s Championship, but before we get to that, we need to set up the squads for the playoffs.

This week will be the final Draft of Season v2.0 and will include all 4 offensive line squads and all 4 defensive squads. Each team will have their own units and the teams drafted for this week will be the teams going forward for the rest of the season. Our draft will be done again through voting in the FCF app and on our website, so watch out for when your team is on the clock!  We will send out push notifications at the start of every pick in addition to a “Last Call”.  Make sure your push notification settings are activated so you can stay in the loop.

Instead of doing our usual snake draft to determine the order of drafting, we decided for the playoffs, we would reward the teams with the better record and award them the best picks. The draft will go as follows:

1.1: Bored Ape FC

1.2: Shoulda Been Stars

1.3: 8oki

1.4: Zappers

2.1: Bored Ape FC 

2.2: Shoulda Been Stars

2.3: 8oki

2.4: Zappers

Once a squad goes off the board, that squad WILL NOT be available to the rest of the teams, so choose wisely and plan accordingly to ensure your team gets the resources they need in order to make a deep run in these playoffs. The draft will start TODAY, so turn your push notifications on, study up, and make sure your team is playoff ready. LFG!

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  1. Mark Cheney May 31, 2022

    Bored apes

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