FCF Draft Almanac #1

Originally Published on Medium; Written by: Kevin Kardasz (@kevinn_up on twitter)

Recap and breakdown of every pick in the first draft of Season v2.0

The first official FCF draft has come and gone, with 72 players hopping off the board, onto the screen, and into locker rooms. Drafts will be held every Wednesday of the season for fans to create their gameday rosters. The Season v1.0, Week 1, Live Draft garnered 38,100 live views; last night’s LIVE Draft Show reached 388,106 live views across our platforms, solidifying that fans are ready and excited for the upcoming season. Below is the first edition of the official FCF Draft Almanac, highlighting our biggest storylines at the top of the draft and information down the later rounds, for each fan’s convenience. 9 rounds, 72 players, and a lot to break down, without further ado, lets begin.

Round 1

#1 — Deondre Francois — QB — BAFC

The near consensus first overall pick, while some leagues tank for the big fish in the draft pools, the Ape’s voted their way to the top pick and landed the top prize of the QB room. Francois bounced around a bit last season before settling into the Glacier Boyz, where he would lead a commanding upset in the playoffs against the Beasts, and come a few plays from winning the whole thing. Unfinished business rests on the shoulders of Francois, he commands his throws with top end arm talent and a great football mind, look out for Francois as an early MVP pick, and watch out as he tears his way towards a chance at a championship.

#2 — Daryl Virgies — RB — Kingpins

The Kingpins land the biggest running back not named Galloway with their second pick, and Virgies is a good one. Using a blend of field reads, and hard hitting speed, Daryl tears up defenses like few can. It’s hard to predict the running back rooms, but Virgies is not a question mark, he’s a stud. Sure to give other D-Lines problems, given a solid O-Line himself, he could make a run at Gway’s rushing title.

#3 — Ed Crouch — QB — KoD

The reigning FCF People’s Championship MVP is back, he joined after camp and has yet to get reps, but none are needed to quantify his talent. His range on QB boards was wide, but him going this high is not a fluke nor a mistake. Crouch led the aces to a come from behind victory in the winner take all game to end last season, and would go on to play high level ball in the IFL after. Expect a pace controlling, high IQ decision making, solid QB behind center.

#4 — Mitch Kidd — QB — 8oki

Mitch is the first non returning QB off the board, people debated his positioning at 2 or 3,and for good reason, he balls. Accustomed to pro indoor ball, Mitch has played for CIF Salina Liberty and rightfully earned his spot here. He flashes quick arm speed, and tight decision making packed into an agile 5’11 frame. He maneuvers well, and is a high level dual threat, his athletic talents will translate to the FCF well, and 8oki should see some success out of their hopeful franchise guy.

#5 — Tyis Boykin — WR — Zappers

Tyis spent his early years in college at Assumption University, he made some plays in his first 3 years but broke out in his senior year, posting 469 yards on 38 receptions with 2 scores. He packs a lot of speed into his 5’8 frame and can catch the ball in high traffic. Smaller receivers have a good record in the FCF and Tyis will likely be no different as he looks to carve opposing defenses up and post numbers in his debut season. To add to a high level talent, he also won the first man up challenge!

#6 — Jordus Smith — WR — Beasts

Jordus Smith returns for a second season and for good reason, at 6’2 he brought size his last time around which was in short supply and it showed. He has good release off the line paired with above average speed, but is ceiling comes in potential YAC, where he should look to use his height as an advantage and plow for more than what’s given to him.

#7 — Dalton Oliver — QB — Glacier Boyz

Oliver, another highly regarded QB prospect, will look to replace Francois, a tough task. His large frame at 6’4 and prior experience at the pro arena level will look to support him as he takes this on. His most notable game, where he threw 5 passing touchdowns on the Louisville Xtreme, is a small look into his play making ability and his opportunity to be the head of a high powered offense. If given the right tools, Oliver will do more than succeed, he may be the best value pick in the first round.

#8 — Slade Jarman — QB — SBS

Slade is much different from the rest of the pool, he was a VERY late riser. Not highly looked at before the man up challenge, Slade would go on to win the challenge with Tyis Boykin and rocket his stock. He profiles as a high end arm, who may not be moving around like a Q-Flowers but will make an impact regardless.


#9 — Patrick Smith — WR — SBS

Patrick Smith is a dog. He runs until nothing remains in the tank, he catches balls at a high level, and is in the middle of huge slot guy and small route dude. He profiles well at 5’11, and is highly sought after for a reason, his pairing with Slade gives him an instant weapon that he’ll need very dearly in this offensively paced league, the pairing is perfect.

#10 — Shut Down Squad — Defense — Glacier Boyz

The Boyz went very early defense and it looks as if post championship fear still lingers in the fan base. Two of the best corners from last season reside on this squad, with Marquill Osborne and Roman Tatum clogging the secondary, for the defenses, the tape will show us who’s who, but for now, this is a very solid choice.

#11 — Jason Stewart — QB — Beasts

The Beasts look to fill league best shoes, the absence of Flowers puts a world on the shoulders of Stewart to perform at MVP level. He’ll look to use his frame at 6’3 and athletic gifts to move the ball and move his feet to carry a freshly upset Beasts franchise to more than 1 game at the end of the year. Good luck Jason.

#12 — Heavy Hitters — Defense — Zappers

From here on out for all line and defensive unit’s we’ll hold judgment until we see the product, rather focus on narrative. That being said, the Zappers want to win games this time, and defense is the obvious hole to fill.

#13 — Joseph Boykin — WR — 8oki

Yet another FCF veteran, Boykin was paired with AJ last time he played and created a potent and nearly unstoppable pass attack. It’s a genuine surprise he landed here, and a big get for 8oki and their new QB Kidd, this forms a nice floor for a potentially freakishly good offense in the air.

#14 — Terelle West — RB — KoD

Interesting to see another running back go so high, yet also the landscape of the league could be changing in front of our eyes. West will look to compete in the crowded field of backs with no obvious favorite outside of the top dog, which makes for an exciting and compelling race.

#15 — Elijah Rogers — WR — Kingpins

E-Rod, sticks himself in the second round as a slot receiver. His profile is unique, he was a corner all through college and even earned all defensive honors in the process in a weekly award system. He’ll look to use his skill set as a receiver to create space in routes and ultimately, rack up yards.

#16 — Maurice Thomas — WR — BAFC

Francois gets his first weapon, similar to AJ in size, the dynamic the Ape’s look to recreate is obvious. Take a top offense to the highest level of play and try to win a championship, there is no other option. Thomas will slot in well as a number one options, especially one that has the highest end talent giving him chances.


#17 — The Trenchmen — O-Line — BAFC

Francois gets his protection early on, no cheeping out on this.

#18 — The Trenchmen — O-Line — Kingpins

Virgies gets a line to provide him optimal holes and run blocking.

#19 — Block Party — O-Line — KoD

Crouch gets similar treatment, lock down lines for a franchise guy.

#20— Malik Elion — WR — 8oki

With a tall playmaker in Boykin, 8oki sought to add speed to an already dynamic offensive cast, and did just that. Elion jumps off the line with impressive speed and makes a two dimensional offense a three headed monster with his addition.

#21— James Harden — WR — Zappers

James Harden is the definition of fan favorite, he came out of the tunnel with the list of every NFL team he had made a sign for, he’s dedicated. And beyond that, he’s lovable, regardless of his field time he lights up a room with his infectious positivity, and works harder than most can dream of. You cannot root against him, hopefully him and Manziel turn out as fun as they project to be.

#22 — Heavy Hitters — Defense — Beasts

Round 1 upset who? The beasts will juice up their defensive talent to throw punches on both sides of the ball.

#23 — Brycen Alleyne — RB — Glacier Boyz

Yet another dart on the running back dart board, it is truly hard to project where and how these guys will do because of the play calling, good luck to Brycen, may the fans call as many runs as they can.

#24 — Jacoby Herring — WR — SBS

Jacoby Herring is massive, huge, larger than life. His 6’5 stance leaves him on the taller end of the WR’s and similar to Josh Gordon, the hope that his size will elevate his play is very real, look for towering catches and a high profile endzone target.


#25 — Malcolm Ballard — RB — SBS

Filling out a very balanced offensive look, the stars add Malcolm to put a man in the backfield. He runs in bruising fashion, and will add yards after contact judging by his big frame for his position.

#26 — Kevin Felder — WR — Glacier Boyz

The Boyz get a late round steal, Felder is highly regarded by multiple QB’s and profiles well athletically, he blasts off the line and leaves defenders in the dust. The fit is similar to Caradine from their final roster last year, solid choice.

#27 — The Wall — O-Line — Beasts

Jason Stewarts defenders are here, protect the franchise well!

#28 — Danny Southwick — QB — Zappers

Round 4 at age 40, it absolutely does not get any better. Dubbed the Tom Brady of the FCF, the veteran enters the league with a presence unmatched. The 40 year old QB will pair with 48 year old Terrell Owens, best of luck to the vets of the FCF.

#29 — D-Block — Defense — KoD

D-Block on Degen Block, look out!

#30 — Block Party — O-Line — 8oki

Mitch Kidd dearly wanted Block Party, wish granted.

#31 — Tirri Jones — QB — Kingpins

One of the latest QB1 additions is swept in the 4th round, although the offense will focus on Virgie’s production in week 1, Tirri will spread the ball at a high level and help facilitate what looks to be a hard nosed offense.

#32 — Jakobie Baker — RB — BAFC

The Ape’s follow suit with the rest of the league with a balanced approach to the roster building process adding a man to the backfield. At 23 he comes in much younger than the large majority of the draft pool but will make a large impact with opportunity.


#33 — Isaiah King — WR — BAFC

Isaiah King grades as a nice 2nd option to pair on your offense, his release is fast and he possesses good hands, a nice pick for any team as the draft moves.

#34 — Eterrious Giles — WR — Kingpins

Not much on Giles from what I can see, credit to the scouts there, he played well in JUCO and performed well enough in camp, will be a prove it to me player at this slot.

#35 — Yedidiah Louis — WR — KoD

Louis rated high above the average last season, and performed at a level suitable for this spot. The type of receiver you can comfortably rely on a few times a game to make a play, KoD continues a steady approach.

#36 — Cedric Byrd — WR — 8oki

Cedric was an integral part of the Hawaiian offense in college and like the rest of the weapons that are drafted now or later will attempt to prove himself in the eyes of the fans to rise draft boards next week.


From here on out, the WR pool is very obviously deep, unless there is a standout characteristic we saw, the rest of the receivers all will be on prove it basis, to avoid saying the same thing, over, and over, and over again.

#37 — Shun’Cee Thomas — RB— Zappers

Johnny’s possible new weapon?

#38 — Lamarcus Caradine — WR — Beasts

Known for his iconic wall jump last season, Caradine packs a lot of speed into his game.

#39 — Tony Dixon — WR — Glacier Boyz

NBCLX fans unite, Tony continues to fight his way through.

#40 — Just’n Thymes — WR — SBS

Insanely balanced approach to the draft, SBS is completely branched out.


#41 — Drake Wells — RB — SBS

Shocker pick live, yet a great running talent, week 1 will once again be crucial to see which pull away from a contested pack.

#42 — Vidal Woodruff — QB — Glacier Boyz

Vidal will have the luxury of throwing to AJ, simply throw the ball in the general direction of, he’s out there somewhere I assure you.

#43 — Alphonso Howard — QB — Beasts

The possibility of a QB competition here with Stewart is possible as fan opinion will be a little jaded by the imprint of Flowers, Howard may have fallen a little low here, good pick.

#44 — The Wall — O-Line — Zappers

Johnny will hopefully not have to run for his life behind this squad.

#45 — D-Block — O-Line — 8oki

Mitch is also credited with wanting D-Block, hopefully it works out for him.

#46 — Travalle Calvin — WR— KoD

The late round wideouts stack up again, this Iowa Central alum will look to break onto the field.

#47 — Keyston Fuller — WR— Kingpins

Duke alumni, has very very high ceiling, prove to the fans that it is indeed there.

#48 — Collin Andrews — WR— BAFC

The Ape’s have had eyes on all corners, not even I at this point can doubt their picks, good luck Collin.


#49 — Shut Down Squad — Defense — BAFC

Auto Pick if the broadcast was correct.

#50 — Skipped Pick — X — Kingpins

Possible TO comp pick?

#51 — Terrance Williams — WR— KoD

Another late round receiver pick up for KoD’s flex spot, this position is so grossly deep. He played for the Dallas Cowboys, look for him to be a late round steal.

#52 — Josh Robinson — RB— 8oki

Josh played for the Colt’s and has proven pro level talent, these two consecutive picks were made with very short notice, congrats to both teams scouting groups.

#53 — Vance Leonard — WR— Zappers

Big, strong, tall, receiver for Manziel to loft balls up to, should try to fill Travis’s absence as he now resides in the NFL.

#54 — Harrison Dreher — WR — Beasts

Beasts add a receiver to the team to fill out the roster, Dreher will fight to breakout.

#55 — Ismail Brooks — WR — Glacier Boyz

One of the older receivers, expect to see high level break on the line and route running.

#56 — D’Vonn Gibbons — QB— SBS

Gibbons comes into the league at 22, which is essentially the fresh into pro ball range, his athleticism and young mentality will get snaps as the #2 QB, with the luxury of Gway by his side.


#57 — The Hitmen — Defense — SBS

Defense wins championships, at least we think so.

#58 — Keyon Thomas — WR— Glacier Boyz

The new Caradine? The 3rd/4th option receiver can try to mirror his explosive success.

#59 — Tra Chandler— WR— Beasts

The Beasts pass attack is on trajectory to 180, this late round talent will need to step up to push that and become elite offensively.

#60 — Antonio Turner — WR — Zappers

Johnny is thanking the fans, yet another large weapon downfield for him.

#61 — Brandon Pearson — QB — 8oki

The backup to Kidd is here, Pearson fell a bit but will see the field and can improve his stock for next week if he excels in those limited snaps.

#62 — Brian Allen — QB — KoD

One of the larger personalities in the league, its been 7 years but he says he still has it and takes great disrespect at his spot, look out for a large boom or a potential flame out here.

#63 — Tracy Gaston — WR— Kingpins

Prove yourself receiver, look out for limited snaps.

#64 — RJ Mays — WR— BAFC

Yet another receiver with things to show, great beard though, wow.

Round 9

#65 — Chris Barrett — QB — BAFC

Former minor league baseball player and 3 sport athlete, Barrett will be a very interesting look at backup for one of the most organized teams in the FCF.

#66 — The Hitmen — Defense — Kingpins

Pray this late pick does NOT bite you.

#67 — Auto Assign — KoD

And there goes Auto Assign!

#68 — Auto Assign — 8oki

Again? He must be good.

#69 — Auto Assign — Zappers


#70 —Auto Assign — Beasts

Talk about a fan favorite!

#71 — Forcefield — O-Line — Glacier Boyz

Blown away

#72 — Forcefield — O-Line — SBS

Blown away again, seems like there’s a forcefield here.

  • –   –

There it is, the official first installment of the FCF Draft Almanac, the format will change as the drafts shift, and different players will get different spotlights. Good luck to all who were selected today, and to all the fans who will be voting this Saturday, it’s time to watch some football.

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