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By Josh Davis

The Fan Controlled Football Draft is every Wednesday on our Twitch channel, with coverage beginning at 7:00pm ET. Get registered, pick a team, and become part of the league that is redefining what it means to be a football fan, and bringing the whole experience to the digital age! 

It is also imperative that you check out the MAN UP! Pre-Draft show, where 8 WRs, 8 DBs, and 4 QBs all enter a live-streamed, 3-round tournament for a chance to earn a Team Power. One WR, DB, and QB will earn a Team Power each week, and the Power will go to whichever team drafts the player, adding another element of strategy to the weekly draft.

The Week 1 draft will consist of 8 rounds; the 1st will be the Franchise Tags, as chosen by the team owners. Rounds 2-8 will be position players, O-line group, and D-line squad. A the end of the draft each team will have a roster of two QBs, one RB, three WRs, OL group, and a D-line squad.

The guys at the NFL Draft Bible have been down in Atlanta keeping an eye on everything happening with practice, and workouts. Since they’ve released their initial player evaluations, it’s time to put that down on paper, so that you can see what players you the fan could choose in the FCF’s initial draft.

We know the players that have been tagged:

Beasts: WR Troy Evans

Glacier Boyz: QB David Pindell

Wild Aces: QB Jackson Erdmann

Zappers: QB Johnny Manziel

With those out of the way, we can start looking at the guys in the FCF Draft Pool.

The NFL Draft Bible has kept scouting during this entire ramp-up process, so according to them, the available QBs are:

Quinton Flowers

Deondre Francois

Ed Crouch

Logan Marchi

Braden Smith

TJ Edwards

Each team will have 2 QBs on their roster, and both will contribute to the team’s success. There are no “backup QBs” here, so making sure you have the best guys is paramount. No restrictions on who can be drafted in any of the 8 rounds, so getting the important pieces early, could be beneficial. 

There will be talent in every round, the difference between any of these rankings are razor-thin. And watching the MAN UP! Pre-Draft Shows are invaluable. They may be 1v1, but will reflect the things that a box score cannot show.

Each team will have 5 skill players along with their 2 QBs, with at least 1 WR and 1 SB (Super Back). SO much talent in the FCF, I cannot express how close these guys are in skill set. Still, here are the rankings for the SBs:

Madre London

Daryl Virgies

LaDarius Galloway

Berkeley Edwards

Anthony Jones

Quinn Porter

Calen Campbell

Jordus Smith

These players will not just be running the ball. Many of them will also be very active in the passing game, so remember, you’re making the choices here. Choose wisely.

Establishing the run is a key component to the run and shoot offense, but along with the backfield, the wideout position is absolutely critical. These are the rankings for the WRs:

KaVonte Turpin

Damon Sheehy

Christian Saulsberry

Yedi Louis

Andrew Jamiel

Douglas McNeil

Treydonte Hill

Richaud Floyd

Raphael Leonard

Travis Toivonen

Troy Evans

Joseph Boykin

Lamarcus Caradine

Elijah Rogers

Isaiah King

Alphonso Carter

Josh Johnson

James Harden

They’re not the only guys available for draft, however. Two OL units and defenses will be selected during the draft as well. Both will play each night, and stay together, but will be able to be drafted to different teams each week.

These are just as important to your team’s success as the QB. 

Tune into our Twitch channel on Wednesday night. Don’t miss out on being part of football history. 

Power To The Fans!

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  1. Jenn Birkhead February 10, 2021

    Fcf should be emailing this information to the Fans, not just putting it on the website!! There’s so much potential to increase excitement, but the fact that you have to dig for information is so frustrating. I’d really like to buy into the League more, and I understand that the is the first season, but it’s been disappointing and hard to figure out so far.

    • admin February 11, 2021

      Hi Jenn, we did email this out before the draft last night with highlights featured in our Pre-Draft Newsletter, and linked out to this blog. We hope this didn’t end up in your spam!

  2. Connor February 10, 2021

    WE NEED NUMBER 39 i watched the combine

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