FCF Week 4 Recap: Beasts

By Josh Davis

We have come to the end of the regular season. Every team played each other twice, but only one team has defeated all the others, the Beasts. 

In the team’s Week 4 matchup against the Zappers, both teams scored on every possession except the two that ended in turnovers including a fumble on the first play of the second half that gave the ball back to the Zappers, who extended their lead to 26-12.

But on the next Beasts’ possession, QB TJ Edwards II was able to hit TE Deylon Key for a 40-yard TD making the score 26-18. They needed the 1v1 point after, but it was not successful. 

A late interception thrown by Zappers QB Logan Marchi set up the next drive with less than 0:20 to go. Edwards and RB Quinn Porter took over, getting the ball down to the 2-yard line.

Porter fought his way in for the score, and once again the Beasts needed the MAN UP to tie with hopes of sending it into OT. This time, Edwards hit WR Troy Evans Jr. for the 2-pt conversion, to get the tie.

The 0:14 on the clock was all Zappers QB Braden Smith needed to hit WR Josh Gordon for the win as time expired.

Beasts fans called one of the most balanced games out of the whole FCF, totaling 11 runs to 14 passes. No other team came close to this balance this whole season, and this play calling technique has been a big part of winning games this year. 

The fans also did a great job at utilizing both facets and drafting at a high level all season. Three players who were drafted to the Week 1 roster later became permanent pieces via the Franchise Tag.

QBs Quinton Flowers and TJ Edwards were tagged back-to-back and WR/SB Christian Saulsberry was added to be sure they had a solid core heading into the postseason. 

Some other repeat players made big impacts in Season v1.0. Quinn Porter had 2 touchdowns in consecutive games, one to win in OT, the next tied it up late vs the Zappers.

Since we won’t have another draft during the playoffs, the rosters they have now are what they will field over the next 2 weeks. The fans did a good job of building this team and using its strengths. This is why they sit at 3-1, and are the 1 seed.

Beasts:  26

Zappers:32 FINAL

Beasts Week 4 Stat Leaders:


                     Attempts     Yards    TD

Flowers      5                55        1

Edwards            2   11        0

Porter                 3                11        1


                   Comp/Att     Yards   TD

Flowers            2/7              61       1

Edwards          5/5             125       1


                           Rec     Yards   TD

Smith        3         46 0

Key                    1         40 1           

Evans        1         40 1 

Bazile        1         39 0 

Saulsberry        1       21 0

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