FCF Week Two Recap: Wild Aces vs. Beasts

By Josh Davis

Week 2 brought new tags and a new draft. Wild Aces were behind the eight ball because QB Jackson Erdmann missed the game due to the shoulder injury he sustained in Week 1. 

To make up for having one less passer, QB Ed Crouch was added to the Aces squad.

The Beasts used their 2nd tag on QB Quinton Flowers, while the Wild Aces used theirs on SB Ladarius Galloway. Both made immediate impacts.

The Wild Aces got the ball first, and methodically marched down the field to get on the board 1st. The fans called the run early, and Galloway gained 20 yards on 2 carries, putting them in position for QB1 Deondre Francois to hit TE Jeremy Houston for a TD. The MAN UP! attempt failed, but they took an early 6-0 lead.

If you missed last week, and the scrimmage, you may have been surprised by the quickness that a Quinton Flowers-led team can score. First play from scrimmage Flowers hit TE Deylon Key for a 40-yard TD. MAN UP! to WR/SB Christian Saulsberry was good, and the Beasts took an 8-6 lead.

Crouch came in for the Aces 2nd drive and led them to another TD, Ralph Leonard was the main contributor, catching 2 passes for 28 yards, helping Crouch get into position to run it in himself, giving the lead back to the Wild Aces. MAN UP! was good, making the score 14-8.

Flowers would take complete control of the next Beasts drive. Some of the passes didn’t find receivers, so Quinton used his legs to once again get them in the endzone, swinging the score back in their favor. MAN UP! was good to WR Damn Sheehy.

The game would go back and forth the rest of the way. Similar to last week, while some plays were made by the defense, the offense scored on every drive. Both QBs for each team showed why they’re here, and the level of talent they bring to the game.

But late in the 2nd half, final drive for the Beasts who were down by 4, QB2 TJ Edwards tried to hit Sheehy on a pass down the right side. The defense had apparently made an interception, which would have ended the drive, all-but ending the chance at a comeback.

The refs, however, said the ball touched the ground before the defender gained control, making it an incomplete pass. Without the ability to use replay, their call was official, and the Beasts drive stayed alive.

On the next play, the Beasts made it to the 2 on a pass and run from Edwards to Key, putting them in position to punch it in. The fans called a pass, and Edwards would be sacked at the 4. 

Clock becoming a factor, as it was now under a minute, fans called a run to SB Madre London, but they were stopped, and an illegal block was called. Time ticking away, the Beasts almost ran out of time before the next snap, in which the fans called a QB run for Edwards, who made his way in for a TD.

The Beasts took the win, but it wasn’t without controversy. One immediate change to the rules was made, from that game forward, under a minute, the clock will stop after every play.

The league will again address a replay system, to be sure that plays like the near-interception by the Wild Aces defense (Heavy Hitters) get a proper look from all angles, giving the fans the ability to vote for the right call.

The Wild Aces ended up gaining 96 yards on the ground as a team with Galloway leading the charge with 39 yards on 6 carries. Crouch had 3 carries for 30 yards and a score.

Francois had another good night through the air, 2-2 for 40 and 2 TDs, Crouch added 28 yards on 2-3 passing.

The Beasts gained 117 through the run game, mostly from Flowers this time, who had 77 on 7 carries and 2 TDs. Edwards added 36 on 5 carries and the game-winning score.

Edwards led the way with his arm, with 56 yards on 5-6 passing, and Flowers 1-5 for 40 and a score.

This was another weekend where the offensive line unit proved to be important, as TE Deylon Key led the receiver with 2 catches, 53 yards, and a score. 

Defensively the Wild Aces’ Heavy Hitters were the better unit, with 2 PBUs and 3 sacks.

The Beasts take the top spot in the league with a 2-0 record, and the Wild Aces fall to 1-1. Next week the Beasts take on the Glacier Boyz, and the Wild Aces face the Zappers.

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