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Thinking Outside of the Box

Posted on April 6, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

There’s a lot of negativity, worry and anxiety floating around right now, for obvious reasons. So we’re here to share something that may bring a smile to your face. Over the weekend, a trending post on the NFL Subreddit shared every NFL team logo redesigned as an international soccer logo. Not only are the designs themselves fantastic, but as usual, the fans straight up delivered in the comments. So who came up with the concept? Football As Football is made up of six people in Minneapolis who love both kinds of football and “created a simple experiment that explores how American football team logos would look through the lens of four European styles: German, English, Spanish and Italian.”

While this was done around 2014 (you can tell from the number of stars the Patriots have, and the cities for the Raiders, Rams and Chargers), we DO think it’s an interesting exercise to look at logos in a different way, especially as our FCFL fans begin brainstorming names and logos for their teams. Do we think the fans will find themselves doing a deep dive on some of these designs as they work on their team’s branding? Absolutely! Do we think this will inspire fans to think outside the box with their logos? Without question. We think the fans will be turning to their favorite teams across all leagues and their favorite brands for ideas on how to make their logo better than the rest!

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