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Pour One Out for the XFL

Posted on April 13, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

It’s time to add the XFL to the list of things COVID-19 has ruined. On Friday, it was announced that the XFL had laid off all their employees, and have no plans for a return in 2021. We’re going to miss the mid-game sideline interviews, the interesting kickoff rules (even If we don’t love kicking), and live play reviews. We’re still holding out hope for the XFL to make another go of it. Their 2.0 version was fun – whether you were watching the action on the field, the sidelines, or in the stands. Who knows, maybe they don’t have plans for 2021 because they’re just waiting to see what the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and others are going to do with their seasons. After all, it seems like shifts in season dates for the next year, at the very least, are inevitable.

While we may have roasted the end of the AAF (just a little bit!), we are sad to hear about the end of the XFL. It’s one thing for a league to not do well because of its own shortcomings, but it’s entirely different when a global pandemic destroys its future and potential for success. That is why Darren Rovell’s tweet on Friday comparing the number of games played between the AAF and XFL stung more than it should have. Never fear, the DC Defenders were quick to stand up for the league as a whole, and fire back with some serious snark. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE us some Darren Rovell, but we love snarky burns even more.

Do we think the fans are going to miss the XFL? Yes. How can you not miss giant beer snakes? We’re sure fans were more than willing to ‘pour one out’ for the league and make their own beer snakes at home. Do we think the fans want to see the XFL make another go of it, once we all have a clear view of the future? Absolutely! We firmly believe fans always need more football in their lives. But more importantly, do we think the fans are ready for the return of sports? DUH!

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