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Patience Is a Virtue

Posted on March 2, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Oh, the New York Knicks. You want to like them, even if just out of pity, but their painful record over the last 20 seasons makes it hard to do so. In their consistent efforts to make necessary changes to turn things around, the team just named former agent Leon Rose as their new president. This isn’t the only major change the team has made in recent months, though. After starting the season at 4-18, the Knicks parted ways with coach David Fizdale, and named assistant Mike Miller the interim coach. So far this season, the Knicks are 18-42 – so it should come as no surprise that Rose is asking the fans for their patience with him, Miller, and the organization as a whole during this latest transition:

Can the fans really give Rose and the Knicks the kind of patience they’re asking for? Time will only tell. The real question is, if one of the FCFL teams had a perennially disappointing record like the Knicks, would the fans give them patience? Without a doubt, we’re going to say no! FCFL fans know that if something isn’t working, it’s either their play calling or their players, basically, it’s on THEM to fix it, and fix it NOW! It should be noted that FCFL seasons are significantly shorter than that of the NBA, so if the problems are due to the players, the fans don’t have to wait long before they begin looking at the new talent showing up in the next draft. But like we said, we don’t believe FCFL fans will put up with season after season of disappointment, but we also don’t think they’ll jump ship to any other teams in the league. We know they will do the hard work to improve their roster and their play calling!

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