One Foot or Two? Fans Determine Crucial FCF Reception Rule

The pageantry and spirit of college football on a Saturday. The Heisman. The Rose Bowl. The playoff rankings and the national championship.

The speed, power and talent of pro football on a Sunday. The MVP. Monday Night Football. Wild card weekend and the Super Bowl.

There’s plenty that is great about big time college football and the NFL, but there is also much that is different. 

As we forge a new path for pro football with the FCF, there are a handful of rules that vary between college and pro which we need to determine how they should apply for our new format.

First up on that list is one that is uniquely different between college and pro – does a receiver need to get one foot or two feet down for a catch to be inbounds?

The one foot option helps make more of the sideline grabs count by only requiring a single foot come down and many times leads to spectacular catches as guys are falling down out of bounds. While the two-footer is, mathematically speaking, twice as hard to pull off it also results in some amazing moments with a toe tap or a drag of the back foot is just enough to ensure a key first down or TD.

In the FCF we will have a smaller field with less guys on it, will that impact the way in which receivers can come down with a potential catch? Maybe – but we don’t really know yet… so for now we’re leaving this call up to the fans – for FCF Season v1.0, what do you want to see the rule be – one foot or two? Make the call!

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  1. David King December 18, 2020

    One foot, smaller field to operate on

  2. Justin Michael Butterworth December 19, 2020

    These are elite athletes. They should be required to have 2 feet. Just like in the NFL.

  3. Aiden December 21, 2020

    One foot on the ground would be the more interesting and fun one of the two types.

  4. Matthew Brown December 24, 2020

    1 foot

  5. Hunter Dupuis December 25, 2020

    2 feet

  6. Nathan December 25, 2020

    2 foot rule would make it better and more entertaining. Reason being all around the nfl they have the one foot rule. If you make it 2 feet the wideouts will be challenging themselves more. My opinion

  7. Jamie Grosse December 26, 2020

    Honestly, I believe the two for time should remain. If the receiver, tight end, running back, etc. doesn’t have both feet down inbounds, and had the other foot or out of bounds, while the reception should count towards stats, he/she should still be considered out of bounds. I’ve seen many great receptions in my years and I’ve of the greatest I ever saw, was Donnell Woolford of the Chicago Bears. That man caught the ball and as he was leaving the ground to make the catch, one foot, by the tip of his shoe was good. Switched feet while in the air to drag other foot just inbounds before calling out of bounds. It was the most amazing act of ever seen and will never forget. Tom Waddle was another, whom also played with Da Bears!

  8. Eric Johnson December 26, 2020

    It should be like this in the NFL

  9. Lee'Vaughn December 28, 2020

    Think it make since

  10. Dawson Baltrusch December 30, 2020

    def one foot

  11. JADAIR70 December 30, 2020

    One foot!

  12. Jerome Rallo December 31, 2020

    Two feet in. It’s bad enough you can’t breath on a WR in todays game. Everyone wants offense for fantasy football and gambling. Gone are the dominate defenses that kept their team in the game, gone are the Devin Hester’s and the kick return which was the most exciting play in football.

    Don’t make this a TV sport, interaction a great idea don’t over do it.

  13. Glenn Robert Dolezal December 31, 2020

    2 feet so players get a next level look and film

  14. George December 31, 2020

    one foot = two knees

  15. Jeremy Knudson January 1, 2021

    2 feet is a catch.

  16. GJ Marko January 2, 2021

    One foot. It’s safer

  17. Gerald Hays January 6, 2021

    Two Feet In bounds on a pass play

  18. Edward M Hofer January 8, 2021


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