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Progressive® Insurance joins the FCF Team

We are stoked to finally share the good news that Progressive Insurance has signed on to be an Official Sponsor of the FCF. The straight-cash-homey that they are paying to be involved with our awesome league is great and all as it means we can spend more money on stuff to make the fan viewing experience even better – but its particularly awesome because of how it benefits the fans directly.

In normal brand sponsorships of sports leagues, there will be some signage and TV ads and maybe even a logo on the jerseys. But in the FCF we are taking that to a whole new level, actually integrating Progressive into our game experience in a way that definitely hasn’t been done before.

The sponsorship includes several interactive ways that fans can participate in controlling the action on and off the field. Starting with the pre-season, fans can earn credit towards receiving a Progressive Snapshot® Badge, which will provide unique perks and rewards during the season. Beginning week one, FCF will offer fans even more custom interactive activations, including the Progressive 5th Down, FCF Protection by Progressive, and Outstanding Coverage of the Game.

●  Progressive 5th Down – Each week the fans for one team in each game will have the opportunity to earn the “Progressive Fifth Down” and strategically deploy it during a critical juncture during the game.

●  FCF Protection by Progressive – Fans will get to know the “unsung heroes of football” through weekly interviews with the FCF’s offensive linemen.

●  Outstanding Coverage of the Game – It’s all about the highlights. Fans will vote on the three of the best defensive plays in a highlight package that will be shown at the end of each game broadcast.

Big thanks to Progressive who actually signed on to support the FCF awhile back and stuck with us through the twists and turns that have been 2020 – and we are thrilled to have them be a part of this Fan Controlled Sports Revolution! Log in and start earning towards your Progressive Snapshot® Badge!

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  1. David Yorke December 10, 2020

    i’ve never been more impressed with a far sighted corporate sponsorship deal as this. Progressive, the corporate behemoth it is, really sees where their future consumers are, going forward. This coming from an old fart, me, that sees nothing but a rosy evolution for the fans, league, and any corporate soothsayer with the guts to join FCF as well.

  2. GERALD MCCLENDON December 27, 2020

    Let’s Rock!!!!

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