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Why Would You Run That?

Posted on October 8, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Well Kansas City, there goes your undefeated season. On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts put a stop to the Chiefs winning streak. QB Patrick Mahomes saw his stats falling, with only 1 TD, 4 sacks, and 33 lost yards. The reigning NFL MVP was without his two best wide receivers, had the second highest rushing yards for the Chiefs, and spent most of the game playing hero ball when he dropped back to pass. Even without his wide receivers, he still had Byron Pringle, Mecole Hardman and of course, Travis Kelce. It would stand to reason that whenever the Chiefs had possession, it would be in their best interest to pass. But alas, coach Andy Reid had different plans. With the team down by 6 points late in the fourth quarter, Reid instead called for a run, which the Colts easily stuffed to force a turnover. The Chiefs were *so close* yet so far. Better luck next time.

Normally, we would agree with a solid running play when the game is on the line, but in this particular scenario, we would trust Mahomes’ skills to execute a beautiful pass. Normally this is where we’d ask if the fans would make the same call as Reid, but frankly, we’re confident they would go with a passing play as well. And if it were their FCFL team in this situation, we know the fans would play to their team’s strengths, especially in the final moments of a game!

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