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The Perfect Throw

Posted on June 4, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Last night in the top of the 6th during the Houston Astros-Seattle Mariners game, we witnessed the perfect throw. Let us set the stage for you: Houston had runners on first and third when Yuli Gurriel hit a grounder to SS Dylan Moore. He quickly picked up and threw to home plate, ready to watch the runner on third get tagged out. Just one little problem – there was nobody at home to catch the ball. Unfortunately, Mariners catcher Omar Narvaez made the wrong call by breaking away from home plate to backup first base, completely forgetting about the runner on third. Let this be a lesson, catchers: your primary job is to protect home plate. Simple as that.

We hate to see such a perfect throw wasted, and to be honest we’re far more used to seeing that happen in football rather than baseball. This could have been a really fantastic play for Seattle, who could have really used a win to offset their losing record. The real question here, fans, is if this were your player making a split-second call to do the opposite of what he should be doing, how mad would you be? We think that for fans calling a specific play that could have been executed perfectly, they would be ticked off by missing out on additional FanIQ points. Not only that, but they might also vote against giving that player an opportunity to catch another pass, just out of spite. We can only hope that if the fans let a missed pass slide in the long run, especially if it would have resulted in a game-winning touchdown, that the player ACTUALLY learns his lesson and sticks to the play the fans called in the future.

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