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The FCFL Has New Team Owners – They’re Kinda Funny

Posted on March 18, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

That’s right! The newest Team Owners in the FCFL are Kinda Funny, with co-founder Greg Miller serving as their primary Fan Captain. Fellow Kinda Funny founders, Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino will join Miller in helping the fans shape the identity of their team.

You might be asking, what do a bunch of guys that talk about video games know about football? Our first response to that is HOW RUDE!?! After all, that’s how WE got here. We’re a bunch of people that love playing video games, including Madden, and love to think we know better than the coach on the field. These are our people. These are YOUR people.

What does Kinda Funny have to say about this new endeavor? “Our business is built on the idea that we aren’t making Kinda Funny for our Best Friends but that we’re making Kinda Funny with our Best Friends,” said Co-Founder Greg Miller who is excited to join the FCFL, highlighting the alignment of brands. “The opportunity to own a football team where our audience makes all the decisions is the most Kinda Funny thing we could ever do, and we can’t wait to get out there and make a fool of all the pretenders to the FCFL throne.”

“Look – the Co-Founders of the FCFL are legit gamers and Kinda Funny Best Friends,” said Patrick Dees, Chief Gaming Officer of the FCFL. “Everything Greg and Kinda Funny does is done FOR their fans and that’s what this league is all about. Personally, I wouldn’t sleep on this group to go all the way in season one. They are in it to win it all and frankly, the other captains and team owners better be ready.”

Previously, we announced Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Prince Royce and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson as Team Owners and Fan Captains, and they definitely have their work cut out for them. In their first official message to the fans, Kinda Funny is looking to send Prince Royce to the bottom of the Billboard charts and maybe help bail you out if you flip over Ochocinco’s car. The trash talking is definitely in full swing!

Does this team sound like the right one for you? Be sure to start submitting your team name ideas here before voting begins in a few weeks! Still not 100% sold and need a little help deciding? Take our FCFL Team Personality Analyzer to give yourself a little piece of mind!

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  1. Greg Miller March 18, 2019

    Excited to be doing this. Let’s win it all or lose every game and be mean to Chad!

  2. Andy Prince March 18, 2019

    Excited to see how everything goes, the ability to interact sounds rad! #KFAF4Streamys

  3. Dan W March 18, 2019

    I don’t know anything about “Football” – I’m also from England where it’s a different sport, which I also know nothing about.

    Knowledge doesn’t define being good at things! Passion does!
    I’m a KFBF and a long supporter of Greg, I will follow him and Kinda Funny anywhere! The KF Press Conference got me excited for the FCFL!

    Whether we’re the Milk Mommy’s, the BFF’s or the Funny Footers, Chad – We’re coming for you!

    It’s Game Over!
    Much love, this is a cool idea!

  4. Henry March 18, 2019

    As a Kinda Funny Saints fan I welcome the change. Go for it Andy, Go for it Nick, Go it Connect Between 3 and 5!!!!!!!!

  5. Alex March 19, 2019

    Can’t wait for the Kinda Funny Milk Mommies, and for Greg to be forced to have more interaction with KFAF

  6. Chris Cagins March 24, 2019


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