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Serena Williams Was the Best Part of the Oscars

Published February 25, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

You read that right: Serena Williams was the BEST part of last night’s broadcast of the 91st Academy Awards (don’t @ us). During a commercial break, Nike aired a new ad narrated by Williams, “Dream Crazier.” Even if you didn’t watch the ceremony, you will have likely heard it by now because it is being shared non-stop across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially, LinkedIn. Seriously, I scrolled through my feed for at least two minutes seeing connections honoring the brand’s latest ad, and rightfully so.

The ad highlights numerous icons from various sports, including WNBA legend Lisa Leslie, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon, and Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhhamad among others – all women who have broken barriers and inspired people all over the world. It was almost as if Nike looked at their much-talked about Colin Kaepernick ad and decided, “you know what, we can definitely outdo ourselves.” Thankfully, they didn’t include that as part of the narrative and instead chose to go with this show-stopping line:

So if they want to call you crazy, fine.

Show them what crazy can do.

Do we think our heavily male fan base were fans of the spot? Of course! Our fans know how to recognize true athletic talent, and that was one minute and thirty seconds full of female talent. Just because these ladies aren’t playing in the FCFL (yet), doesn’t mean our fans don’t care. Do we think this will teach some of our fan base to not call women crazy? Hopefully, but even if they do, we get a feeling they’ll soon find out what crazy can do.

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