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Is That The New England Patriots Or A High School Team?

On Sunday, Tom Brady set yet another record. As of Sunday, Brady is at the top of the list for most touchdown passes (regular-season and playoffs) with a whopping 582. While he may trail Peyton Manning (539) and Drew Brees (518) for the most regular-season, he’s also been to a LOT of playoff games and made plenty of Super Bowl appearances to rack up his overall total. Unfortunately for him, the rest of his team did not play as well as he did on Sunday.

With a mere seven seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, the Miami Dolphins executed a 69-yard hook-and-lateral touchdown to win the game, 34-33. A lot of fans expected more from the Patriots defense that game and – wait a minute – was that Rob Gronkowski on defense? It was. In a press interview earlier this week, Bill Belichick explained that Gronk was thrown in for the last play because “it would be his ability to play the deep, long throw,” anticipating that Miami would have attempted a Hail Mary. It wasn’t the worst idea, as it wouldn’t be the first time they threw him in for a play like that. But boy, was he wrong. While we all expected the same from Miami, we would also think that an NFL coach that had been to the Super Bowl 8 times (with 5 rings to show for it) would have prepared for something else to be coming. You know, especially considering that Ryan Tannehill’s arm strength and leg injury would likely prohibit him from successfully throwing a bomb down the field. But what do we, and several sports talk radio pros, know?

We’re not sure if its more impressive that the Dolphins had actually been practicing that crazy play than it would have been if they just pulled that out of thin air. What we want to know, is if the fans would vote for their team to practice such a play, knowing that its proper execution could completely shake up the playoff standings. The short answer – yes, we think they would want to be prepared for any late game situation. Unlike the Patriots, apparently.

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