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Brees Sets New Record

By Annalece Montgomery

As expected, last night in the New Orleans Saints match up against the Washington Redskins, Drew Brees added a new record to his career stats: most all-time passing yards. His 62-yard pass to Tre’Quan Smith pushed him over the threshold, and by the end of the 43-19 game, after throwing for a total 363 yards with 3 touchdown passes, he had racked up a career 72,103 yards.

The previous record was held by Peyton Manning (71,940), followed by Brett Favre (71,838). Running out onto the field, Brees was 200 yards short of Manning’s record, and 98 of Favre’s.

It was announced on Monday morning that if Brees were to pass Manning’s record, the game would be temporarily stopped for the Pro Football Hall of Fame President, David Baker, to collect the game ball. To nobody’s surprise, during this time the Saints went crazy and were fined for excessive celebrating.

After handing off the ball to Baker, Brees quickly rushed to his family – wife Brittany, sons Baylen, Bowen, and Callen, daughter Rylen, and Gayle Benson, wife of the late Tom Benson and current owner of the Saints. But it wasn’t just his teammates on the field celebrating – congratulations were rolling in all over social media from both former teammates and current competitors, such as Reggie Bush and Vic Beasley, and other celebrities including President Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James and James Harden. Aside from fans of the Atlanta Falcons, we think just about everyone was happy to see Brees hit a new milestone.

Now, we remember how the crowd went wild after the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles scored their first touchdown off of a fan-called play. Everyone – including Norm MacDonald – rushed the field to celebrate, and rightfully so. This was a defining moment for all the fans, both in attendance and watching online, the players, the coaching staff, and our front office team – OF COURSE we were going to celebrate! Now that we are turning our proof of concept team into an entire league, we wonder how the fans would react to their first touchdown or their first win. We’re guessing that the feeling the fans will experience next season cannot be compared to anything else, and that they will get rowdy in the stands and at home. We fully expect to see fans jumping for joy, screaming their hearts out, and befriending all their fellow fans around them!

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